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Two Great Products – Better Together

Like Batman and Robin or peanut butter and jelly, Hydretain and CytoGro are the perfect pair when it comes to reducing water use, minimizing plant stress, and improving new plant establishment. Hydretain Root Zone Moisture Manager utilizes soil humidity to increase water availability to plant roots. CytoGro is a seaweed-derived hormone biostimulant design to increase root mass and improve stress tolerance. Here are a few ways, this dynamic duo can be used to improve turf and landscape quality.

New Seeding, Sod or Ornamental Transplants:

Hydretain supplies supplemental moisture between rainfall or irrigation to keep seeds and transplants from drying out, while CytoGro encourages root and lateral growth for improved tacking and establishment.

Dry Spot Recovery:

Root growth diminishes in areas that are chronically dry. The wetting agent in Hydretain will improve water penetration into these areas, while the hygroscopic humectants will draw more moisture to plant roots. Even with moisture improvement, root recovery can be slow. CytoGro speeds recovery by promoting new root development.

Minimizing Plant Stress:

By providing more moisture to plants in between watering or rainfall, Hydretain is scientifically proven to reduce the harmful effects of wilt and drought stress. Meanwhile, it is well known that healthy roots promote healthy plants. By encouraging a deeper, denser root system, CytoGro helps plants withstand stress from temperature extremes, frost damaged, salinity, herbicide damage as well as pest and disease pressures.

Reducing Water Use:

Once applied and watered into the soil, Hydretain adheres to plant roots as well as soil and organic particles. More roots provide more sites for Hydretain to adhere – meaning more moisture availability where plants need it most. Bonus: increased root mass and length makes plants better equipped to draw in more water and nutrients on their own.

While they perform well separately, the symbiotic nature of Hydretain and CytoGro makes them better together. Matt Lean, head superintendent at Monterey Golf & Country Club in Stuart, Fla., has experienced these synergies first-hand.

“I was having issues with localized dry spot, especially at this time of year. The Hydretain really evened things out on the greens. The high spots hold the moisture much better. No bells and whistles. I had a problem with high spots; I just don’t have that problem anymore.

We’re a small facility with a lot of play. Even so, it wasn’t difficult to do half a green with CytoGro and see exactly what you’re getting there. I sprayed it in, waited two and a half weeks, pulled some core samples and saw a noticeable difference in root growth. The Hydretain doesn’t hold water in the soil as much as it pulls water to the root. So you can see why they’re complementary.

I like to spoon-feed my greens. I’ll put the combination down every other week. If I overseed, I’ll spray it on top and it’ll stimulate the seed and bring moisture to the seed. Really helps with the grow-in. We’re a low-budget course. It’s nice to get products like these that perform well and aren’t costly. You get a lot of bang for your buck.”

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