Municipalities & Schools

From athletic fields to public spaces in municipalities, Hydretain reduces watering and labor costs!

Hydretain is your perfect partner for sustainability on campus and in municipalities

By maintaining healthy green space in municipalities, Hydretain helps you be a leader in your community’s water conservation initiatives.

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From sports fields to potted plants, Hydretain should be part of your water management strategy.

Hydretain’s unique chemistry is environmentally friendly. Specifically, it is designed to reduce the need for frequent watering. Moreover, Hydretain  protects plants from drying out during extended periods between watering cycles and rainfall.

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Hydretain protects turf in municipalities from the harmful effects of drought stress while using less water

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A single Hydretain treatment can increase watering efficiency by managing root zone moisture throughout the day. In independent tests Hydretain has reduced watering by up to 50%.

Protect our resources now...and in the future

An environmentally friendly solution for water management in municipalities and on campus.

In addition to reducing drought stress, Hydretain reduces watering requirements on campuses and in municipalities. Moreover,  Hydretain  helps maintain optimal soil moisture. As a result, beneficial microbial activity occurs without blocking the pore space required for proper air exchange. From installation to maintenance, Hydretain is effective on turf grasses, ornamental plants, shrubs and trees.

  • Reduce or eliminate drought stress cycles
  • Enhance nutrient & pesticide efficiency
  • Control or eliminate localized dry spot 
  • Improve seed germination
  • Improve transplant establishment
  • Reduce or eliminate hand watering
  • Protect non, or poorly-irrigated areas
  • Safe for use around kids and pets

Leading Municipalities in Water Conservation

Hydretain is your water management specialist, saving money, time and labor all year long

Quicker turf repair & recovery from drought stress

Stop wasting money, labor and water on failed turf repairs

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Do it once and do it right!

Installation and repair projects often fail because of drought or poor irrigation coverage.

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Money and time well spent

A single Hydretain application increases seed germination and improves plant establishment.

Hydretain protects your seasonal plants from daily wilt cycles caused by moisture stress

From installation to maintenance, each application of Hydretain increases watering efficiency and protects your plants all season long.

Potted plants - comparison - with and without Hydretain application

Plant on the right was treated with Hydretain

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Single Hydretain treatment on right plant 

The science behind Hydretain

Hydretain has the unique ability to attract water molecules. First it creates droplets and then it release those droplets to plant roots. One end of the Hydretain molecule anchors itself to soil particles and root hairs. Thus, it coats the surface. The other end is available to grab free water molecules from humid air circulating in the soil.

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FAQ's you should know

Once applied and watered into the root zone, Hydretain’s hygroscopic humectant components attach to the root hairs of plants and lawns. Thus it draws moisture vapor from the soil like tiny water magnets. It then converts that moisture vapor into water droplets. As a result,  plants are able to take up more moisture. Additionally they are able to  assist in the uptake of nutrients.

Hydretain is safe for all types of plants including turfgrasses, flowering plants, trees, shrubs, and vegetable gardens. It may be used in landscapes and containers – both indoors and out. Hydretain can reduce water stress at germination, installation and throughout lifelong maintenance. 

Hydretain is available in both liquid and granular formulas. Liquid can be applied by spray, drench, fertigation or injection. Granular products can be applied to existing landsacpes using any standard spreader equipment. For new installs granular may be incorporated into the soil at planting or applied topically after planting. Hydretain must be watered into the root zone to be effective.

Each application of Hydretain lasts for up to 3 months.

No. Wetting agents reduce the surface tension of water. This helps water enter hydrophobic soils more easily. They impact the movement of liquid water down to and throughout the soil. Hydretain is unique in its ability to impact the movement of moisture vapor (the gas form of water) as it moves back up through the soil. Normally it would be lost to evaporation. Hydretain attracts soil moisture vapor and converts it back into plant usable water droplets . As a result there is less evaporation and more water available to plant roots. Superabsorbent polymers or hydrogels are similar to the polymers used in baby diapers. They absorb and store liquid water. In most cases, superabsorbent polymers must be incorporated into the root zone. Subsequently, it is difficult to use on established lawns and plants.

Yes. Hydretain products are safe for use around kids and pets. Hydretain is not classified as hazardous under the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. It does not require any wait period before people and pets can enter the application area.

Although Hydretain is not certified organic, it is produced using primarily food grade, organic-based hygroscopic and humectant ingredients. Hydretain ES Plus has been certified as 93% biobased by the United States Department of Agriculture BioPreferred Program. It is safe to use on commercially grown food producing agriculture as well as residential vegetable and herb gardens, fruits and citrus trees. Hydretain Granular OC incorporates the Hydretain formula into an organic compost carrier.