Time to Protect Landscapes from Short-Term Neglect

It’s Vacation Season!

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer and the official start of vacation season! From weekend trips to extended getaways, your customers may be relying on you to help maintain healthy turf and landscapes while they are gone. As temperatures rise, water management becomes one of the biggest challenge to maintaining healthy lawns, gardens, container plants and hanging baskets throughout the summer season.

While technology can do wonders for keeping plants healthy during vacation, even properly installed irrigation systems and automated timers can fail. Customers may also forget to set or adjust their clocks before leaving. Fortunately, there is a solution that you can offer your customers to help keep their landscape investment from drying up in their absence.


Hydretain to the Rescue!

Hydretain maximizes water use efficiency within the soil to keep plants thriving for extended periods between irrigation cycles or rainfall. Hydretain is made with a unique blend of hygroscopic humectant compounds that naturally attract water molecules. Working like tiny water magnets, these compounds draw water molecules together to form liquid water. Used in the soil, hygroscopic humectants convert unavailable moisture vapor into plant usable water droplets.

Offering a Hydretain service is a great way to protect your customers’ lawns, landscapes, gardens and container plants from moisture stress this summer. Hydretain not a complete replacement for watering but will reduce watering requirements by up to 50% or more. Best of all, each application of Hydretain lasts for up to three months, providing water management throughout the entire season.



For best results, Hydretain products should be applied a few watering cycles prior to departure so that the products have time to become fully active in the soil. Plants should be watered thoroughly right before customers leave. Since travel can sometimes be unexpected, using Hydretain as part of your regular maintenance program will ensure that your customer’s plants and landscapes are protected if they must leave at a moment’s notice.

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