Hydretain Research

Superior Water Management Proven Through University Research and Independent Trials

We work hard to develop the best formulations for your needs.

Therefore we back up our products with numerous tests and studies.

University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign
Effect of Hydretain Applied at Seeding for Turfgrass Establishment
Mark Mahady & Associates Deficit Irrigation Study
2020 Product Evaluation for Enhanced Performance of a 328 Bermudagrass Fairway Subject to 40% ET Deficit Irrigation
Western Illinois University Nutrient Uptake Study
Hydretain increase nutrient uptake for macro, secondary and micro nutrient values compared to controls
University of Illinois
Peppers, tomatoes and turfgrass show watering reduction from 47-74% over controls per gram of dry matter
Clemson University Tree Study
Hydretain treated trees produced greatest caliper growth with 33% less water
Clemson University Poinsettias
"Plants treated with Hydretain were larger in size, retained more leaves and developed a larger root system..."
University of Florida Retail Wilt Study
Plants given only water wilted after 5 days, while those treated with Hydretain did not wilt until after 9-11 days
New Brunswick Tomato Research
The Hydretain treatment had a significantly higher percentage of marketable fruit
University of Florida Tomato Study pdficon
Iceberg Lettuce Study
Lettuces with treatment have greater weights and fewer wasted leaves, resulting in increased production
Clemson Mums Study
Treated plants evaluated as "better in appearance" over controls
Hort Science Transplant Paper
Hydretain aids water uptake, and therefore improved fruit development during the dry conditions
Ohio Weslyan Tree Study
Hydretain ES proves effective in increasing days to wilt for container grown seedlings
University of Florida Geraniums
"We have never seen another water management product that came close to doubling the time a plant could go without water"