Hydretain Goes the Extra Yard!

From community sports fields to major stadiums, Hydretain is the pro’s choice for soil moisture management

Where quality matters, Hydretain is the perfect partner for sports fields

Hydretain is a leading soil moisture management solution used on sports fields. Most importantly, it reduces drought stress and controls dry spots while considerably cutting watering costs.

Safe, year-round water management solution for sports fields

Take control of your sports fields while cutting water and labor costs

Hydretain is a revolutionary chemistry designed to reduce watering frequency.  That is to say, it protects turf from drying out for an extended time between watering cycles. A blend of hygroscopic humectant compounds, Hydretain attracts and condenses free water molecules from the air within the soil. Then it creates microscopic droplets that plant roots can use. Conveniently available in both liquid and granular product options, Hydretain provides a cost effective and easy-to-use solution for water management across the field. Plus…Hydretain is kid and pet friendly with no re-entry time needed after application. 

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proven results for sports fields using less water

Hydretain saves turf on sports fields from the harmful effects of drought stress while using less water

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A single Hydretain treatment on sports fields can increase watering efficiency by managing root zone moisture throughout the day. In independent tests Hydretain has reduced watering by up to 50%.

Peace of Mind

Because you can't always water sports fields when you need to...

Between constant play and special events, managing your sports fields’ watering schedule can be a real challenge. 

By converting soil humidity into microscopic droplets that plant roots can use, Hydretain protects turf from drying out for longer periods between irrigation cycles. 

  • Reduce or eliminate drought stress
  • Control or eliminate dry spot problems
  • Increase seed germination
  • Improve sod establishment
  • Speed turf repairs
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Extra Points

Going PRO with Hydretain

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Professional results, economical for sports fields at every level. Our agronomic team is available to help you get started.

Cut watering and labor costs. Now that's a Win Win!

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An environmentally friendly solution for turfgrass water management and infield dust control

From grow-in throughout on-going maintenance, Hydretain is safe and effective for use on all sports fields. In addition to reducing the watering requirements for healthy turf management, Hydretain is an excellent solution for infield dust control.

  • Reduce watering frequency
  • Minimize labor for hand watering
  • Protect non, or poorly-irrigated areas
  • Enhance plant nutrient uptake
  • Improve efficiency of control products
  • No re-entry time after application
  • No application license required

Game on. Let's GO!

Keep your sports fields, your players and your water resources healthy using environmentally friendly Hydretain.

H2O Tech!

The Hydretain Difference

Hydretain is the only water management technology that helps plants use moisture vapor that would otherwise be lost to evaporation.

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FAQ's you should know

Once applied and watered into the root zone, Hydretain’s hygroscopic humectant components attached to the root hairs of turfgrasses and other plants, drawing moisture vapor from the soil like tiny water magnets. It then converts that moisture vapor into water droplets, enabling plants to take up more moisture and assisting in the uptake of nutrients.

Hydretain ingredients include 54% plant based sugar alcohols, polysaccharides, and neutral salts of alpha-hydroxypropionic acid, 10% non-ionic surfactant, and 36% inert ingredients. 

No. Wetting agents reduce the surface tension of water, which helps water enter hydrophobic soils more easily. They impact the movement of liquid water down to and throughout the soil. Hydretain is unique in its ability to impact the movement of moisture vapor as it moves back up through the soil where it would normally be lost to evaporation. Hydretain attracts soil moisture vapor and converts it back into plant usable water droplets – reducing evaporative loss and making more water available to plant roots. Superabsorbent polymers or hydrogels are similar to the polymers used in baby diapers. They absorb and store liquid water. In most cases, superabsorbent polymers must be incorporated into the root zone, making them difficult to use on established plants.

Hydretain cannot hold excess moisture and therefore, will not cause or amplify any negative results when rainfall or irrigation is abundant. 

Yes. Hydretain can by applied via fertigation. The rates may be split to microdose Hydretain up to the full rate over a two week time period. If Hydretain is being used to address poor irrigation coverage, fertigation is not recommended.

Hydretain will not burn turfgrasses; however, it needs to be watered in immediately to drive the active ingredients down to the rootzone where they are designed to function. If it dries on the leaf tissue or in the thatch layer it will not be effective.

Each application of Hydretain last for up to 3 months. It is fully biodegradable and becomes a food source for soil microbes.  

For turfgrasses, Hydretain should be applied at the following rates:

  • Liquid: 9 oz / 1,000 sq. ft. For greens and tees, it it recommended to start at the full rate and then apply a monthly booster application at 1/3 rate (3 oz / 1,000 sq. ft.) throughout the rest of the season.
  • Granular: 2.7 lbs / 1,000 sq. ft.

Yes. Hydretain products are safe for use around kids and animals. Hydretain is not classified as hazardous under the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. It does not require any wait period before reentry into the application area.