Helping Santa

Santa’s Helpers

As children, we believe that Santa’s helpers are little elves who live at the North Pole, but the truth is that Santa’s helpers actually live all around us. We find people helping Santa at the grocery store, ringing bells and cheerfully asking for donations to help feed the poor and provide gifts to children who otherwise may receive none. We find them in our schools, churches and businesses. They aren’t elves, but instead, are regular people who make a concerted effort to enrich the lives of others.

Our Own Santa’s Helper

At Ecologel, we are proud to say that we have one of Santa’s helpers as a member of our own team. In addition to the charitable work that he does throughout the entire year, our Director of Agronomy, Jim Spindler, is the chair of the program at his church called the Angel Giving Tree, which provides toys and clothes to good kids who might otherwise get nothing for Christmas.

Tree Angels

Each year, angels are added the church’s Christmas tree in early November. Each child has two angels on the tree, one for toys and one for clothes. Members of the church select angels from the tree, purchase the items on the list and then return the angel(s) and the items to Jim and his team for distribution to the children and their families.  This year, the Angel Giving Tree program adopted 30 children of prisoners, 48 children of members of the church and 283 children of migrant workers in the local community. The program is also providing gifts and Christmas feasts for 30 financially struggling families who have been adopted by the members of the parish, and parish-affiliated organizations.

Additionally, there are angels on the tree to provide financial donations to the following organizations:

  • Saint Vincent de Paul Society who assists those in need with rent, utilities and food
  • Options for Women who assist women who are challenged by their pregnancy. The angels help to provide food and supplies to help new babies get off to a good start.
  • Faith and Light who assists adults with physical and intellectual disabilities
  • Sister Giovanina’s Seniors: Sister Giovanina was a retired nun from Malta who worked with elderly shut-ins and seniors challenged by health or personal issues. In her memory, the church continues to raise money to support this population.

This year, the Angel Giving Tree raised over $10,000 for these four organizations.

Thanks to Jim and all of those who donated to the Angel Giving Tree as well as all of you who work to make the Christmas season a little brighter for those in need. Thank you for helping Santa.