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Don’t Get Caught with Your Plants Down

Best Practices for House Plant Care

The weeks between Easter and Mother’s Day are one of the busiest times of the year for the nursery industry.  Gifting potted plants are a common practice during these holidays, and spring temperatures peak the demand to add seasonal color to porches and store fronts across the country.

From small pots and hanging baskets to large urns and planters, container plants tend dry out more quickly than their in-ground counterparts. Frequent watering is time consuming and can be challenging for already strained labor resources. Insufficient watering leads to wilt and drought stress. Wilted plants look bad and are more susceptible to diseases and pests.

Drought stress, also known as moisture stress, occurs when the water in a plant’s cells drops below normal volume. This happens when plants are unable to absorb enough moisture to keep up with transpiration rates. When drought stress occurs, internal plant processes are interrupted, weakening the plant. Frequent or prolonged periods of drought stress ultimately lead to plant death.


Reduce Wilt and Drought Stress

Hydretain helps plants thrive for longer periods between watering or rainfall. Made with hygroscopic humectants that attracts soil moisture like tiny “water magnets,” Hydretain utilizes soil humidity to provide plants with supplemental water that would otherwise be lost to evaporation. This process allows you to reduce watering requirements and minimize the damage cause by drought stress. Furthermore, by reducing wilt and drought stress, Hydretain prolongs flower life to keep plants looking their best longer.

Use Hydretain this spring and don’t risk getting caught with your plants down.

Hydretain treated vs untreated hanging baskets
“I came home and both of my Impatient hanging baskets were wilting. I put the 2 packets you gave me in one pot. (Thursday) Watered them both, and this is what I returned to Sunday night” – Jason Mulder