Agrocosta Brings Hydretain Technology to Costa Rica

Ecologel Solutions Announces New Distributor in Central America

Ocala, FL. Feb. 7, 2019: Ecologel Solutions, a premier developer and manufacturer of innovative products for plant science and water conservation, today announced Agrocosta as a new distributor in Central America. Agrocosta of Costa Rica is  dedicated to innovation in support of sustainable agricultural production. They are committed to moving away from chemicals and using more organic bio-based products, to preserve the environment.

Agrocosta is a distributor of Ecologel’s flagship water conservation technology, Hydretain® packaged under the private label Humifull. This product, “powered by Hydretain®” is produced using primarily food grade hygroscopic and humectant ingredients. Hydretains’ revolutionary chemistry converts soil moisture back into a liquid form, efficiently transferring it to plant roots. It reduces watering requirements by as much as 50% or more! This environmentally friendly product is safe to use on commercially grown food, as well as residential vegetable and herb gardens, school, sports and playing fields, and golf courses.

“The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) has extensive restrictions on new product registration in Costa Rica, often making it difficult to introduce something new. Humifull brings a new technology, different from anything else, which is terrific because growers have been expecting new things,” said Alberto Aguirre, Regional Director Ecologel Solutions, Central and South America.

Additionally, by managing soil moisture between watering cycles and/or rainfall, Hydretain® reduces drought stress, and provides many other benefits such as, increased seed germination, enhanced nutrient and pesticide efficiency, sod establishment, extended flower life and maximized crop production.

“We are excited for this partnership with Agrocosta to expand our distribution in Central and South America and bring the many benefits of Hydretain® to the marketplace. This technology not only helps keep plants clear of daily wilt cycles and drought, but also contributes to more complete usage of water applied by rainfall and irrigation. This all translates into water conservation, reduced costs and labor, and healthier, more vigorous greenery and crops, making it ideal for farming as well as golf course maintenance,” said Ecologel Certified Agronomist Jim Spindler.

Spindler recently visited Costa Rica traveling to surrounding farms, including “La Cueva” and other tomato, pepper, and melon growers as well as touring area Golf Courses. “Golf Course Superintendents have been highly impressed with the product, and we think this interest will continue to grow. Many of our customers have also expressed great interest in Ecologel’s BioPro fertilizers for turfgrass management and GelTrak for dust mitigation. GelTrak retards dust by keeping soils, including unpaved roads, moist,” added Aguirre.” GelTrak is an environmentally responsible dust suppressant, which significantly reduces the total amount of water required to control dust.