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Save Water, Improve Fruit Set and Extend Water Access for Dry Farming

Many people are familiar with the use of wetting agents designed to break surface tension and allow irrigation or rain water to penetrate the soil. They do a great job in this respect but they don’t give you access to all the water available in the soil. Just like you can’t drink humidity, plants cannot access the water vapor in the soil. This vapor is lost to evaporation. However, humectants when properly combined with other compounds, can condense this vapor into the droplet that is usable to the plant.

So, what does this mean for grape growers? By applying Hydretain, you gain access to about 30% more water in the soil. This allows you to save water by extending your watering intervals by 30% or more. There are a number of areas this helps in agriculture and growing grapes specifically. Sure, saving water is tremendously important if you are using irrigation in your farming. However, the advantages of achieving a more consistent access to water throughout the block go way beyond water savings.

Without a product like Hydretain, water availability differs throughout a row and block, this often causes variability in root growth, yield, and fruit set. By applying Hydretain, your roots are coated with this compound to assure all roots have access to a minimum amount of water. This results in faster rooting, better yields and a more consistent fruit set. The results can be even more impactful in dry farming as Hydretain will extend the time of plant’s access to water allowing more even distribution of water throughout the row, while still allowing it to stress through late summer.