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Benefits of Hydretain – Beyond Water Conservation

Hydretain is a great solution for water conservation in turf and landscapes. For golf and sports turf Hydretain reduces watering requirements around 25-35%, while lawn and ornamental applications result in savings of up to 50% or more. But did you know that Hydretain is not just for water conservation? By managing soil moisture and keeping plants out of drought stress Hydretain has proven to provide multiple benefits for overall plant quality, soil health, environmental sustainability, labor reductions and cost savings.

Here’s a look at the benefits you can get from using Hydretain:

Plant Quality

All plant processes require water. Without adequate water plants cannot function or survive. When soils begin to dry and roots can no longer absorb adequate water, plants enter drought stress (aka moisture stress). This process is not limited to long term drought or neglect. It happens regularly when soils dry between normal rainfall of irrigation cycles. Hydretain’s hygroscopic humectant technology condenses soil humidity to form plant usable droplets, which supply roots with water after soils have already begun to dry down. In doing so, Hydretain reduces or eliminates the period of drought stress, which provides the following benefits:

  • Delayed Wilt and Extended Flower Life
  • Elimination of Dry Spots
  • Enhanced Sod Establishment
  • Improved Seed Germination and Seedling Survival
  • Accelerated Grow-In and Transplant Establishment
  • Reduced Root Loss from Dry Conditions

Further, research proves that Hydretain increases nutrient uptake. A study conducted at Western Illinois University, shows that Hydretain increased nutrient uptake between 31-54% for 9 of the 11 nutrients analyzed.

Finally, just as stress creates a greater opportunity for viruses and bacterial infections to take over the human body, regular periods of drought stress impact the plant’s ability to defend itself against insects and diseases. By keeping plants out of drought stress, Hydretain reduces the opportunity for insect, weed and disease pressures.

Soil Health

Moisture management is also important for soil heath. Like plants, mycorrhizae and beneficial microbes depend on adequate moisture to thrive. Hydretain improves moisture availability for microbial activity. Studies have shown that Hydretain speeds the colonization of mycorrhizae. Additionally, as Hydretain biodegrades, it provides a food source for microbes.

Environmental Sustainability

Hydretain truly is an environmentally responsible solution. In addition to conserving water resources, Hydretain provides several benefits for environmental sustainability. Keeping plants out of drought stress increases carbon sequestration and oxygen production as well as aids fire mitigation efforts. Increasing nutrient uptake reduces the opportunity for nutrient leaching and by managing drought stress as part of an IPM program turf and landscape managers can reduce unnecessary pesticide applications. Plus, Hydretain’s 100% biodegradable formula is kid, pet, pollinator, and wildlife friendly.

Labor & Cost Savings

Managing soil moisture between irrigation cycles or rainfall reduces the labor needed for supplemental hand watering. Reduced watering requirements also lead to decreased irrigation costs including costs associated with water, energy, and irrigation component wear. Reduced water use can also lead to lower tier water rates and reduced or eliminated watering fines. Improving transplant success rates also means that Hydretain reduces the labor and plant replacement costs for transplants, seeding and sodding.