"Hydretain products are an essential part of my business"

– Ed Wallace, Midwest Landscaping

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If you recently heard Ed Wallace discussing Moisture Management, you’ve come to the right place. Moisture Manager is based on the proprietary Hydretain Root Zone Moisture Manager technology and can cut watering requirements by up to 50%. 

Soil Moisture Management Technology

One of the unique products we use in our installations of California native and water conserving landscapes is Ecologel Solutions’ HYDRETAIN® ES PLUS.

This amazing moisture management product helps MIDWEST LANDSCAPING reduce plant transplant shock and avoid overwatering of the plants that by their natural growth habits, do not require a lot of water once established.

HYDRETAIN ES PLUS is a root zone moisture management product that effectively reduces the over-all watering requirements of plants, shrubs, trees, turf, and agriculture as much as 50% or more.

The product is a propriety blend of the patented Hydretain Soil Moisture Management technology enhanced with an advanced naturally served soil surfactant. When used in combination the synergistic technologies provide positive water conservation and drought stress reduction through efficient subsurface soil moisture management.

Also in addition to reducing the overall water requirements, Hydretain ES Plus  works to provide the proper soil moisture needed to maximize the effectiveness of most fertilizer products.


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Hydretain is available in both liquid and granular product options. Click below to shop online and use the coupon code UNIQUE to save 5% off of the retail price.