The benefits of Hydretain

Where wetting agents aren't enough, Hydretain is your perfect partner for benefits

Hydretain is a unique soil moisture management solution used by golf course superintendents to reduce drought stress and control dry spots while considerably cutting watering costs. These benefits are indescribable to your bottom line. But the benefits can be seen in all environments from seeding, to high traffic areas to transport and retail shelf life. Let Hydretain help you meet your professional goals and look your best – we have the product that will help get you there.

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benefits of Hydretain

Reduce Watering Benefits

Maximize soil water availability to reduce irrigation frequency and hand watering

Overseeding benefits


Accelerate seed hydration for improved germination rates and faster establishment

High Traffic Benefits

High Traffic Areas

Increase moisture and nutrient uptake to improve wear tolerance and reduce damage

Green Speed

Green Speed

Allow soil to dry down further to increase green speed with minimal stress

Benefits dry spots

Localized Dry Spots

Maximize soil moisture efficiency to reduce and repair localized dry spots

Greens recovery benefits

Recovery Benefits

From tournaments to aeration, Hydretain reduces stress to speed regrowth



Accelerate seed and transplant hydration for improved germination rates 

Benefits for Edge Wilt

Minimize Edge Wilt

Reduce moisture loss along edges to minimize domed growth and improve plant consistency

Benefits for Retail Shelf

Increase Retail Shelf Life

Delay wilt and extend flower life for improved consumer satisfaction

Benefits for Transport

Improve Transport Quality

Minimize dry-out and wilt during shipping so plants arrive looking their best

Landscape Installations

Landscape Installations

Reduce moisture stress to increase transplant survival and accelerate establishment

Water Restrictions


Manage soil moisture to help plants withstand periods of drought and watering restrictions

Container Plants

Container Plants

Increase moisture availability and uptake to reduce wilt and extend flower life

Watering Benefits

Save Water

Water is one of the world’s greatest resources – use it sparingly and get the maximum benefits